Ning Zhao

趙 寧

Artist - SCA - OPA

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Oil Landscape Oil Figurative Colour Ink
———————————————————————————— Artist Statement ————————————————————————————

I believe people possess a need to satisfy their emotions. The eye can evoke a multitude of feelings to calm these needs. In fact, our feelings and aspirations are often awakened by viewing a peaceful river stream and feeling its elegance, or a towering mountain and feeling its greatness. It is the pursuit of this effect that moves me to source my paintings from nature and elegant scenes of daily life.

It is my greatest pleasure to admire the ever-changing beauty of nature and to observe the movement and expression of the human figure. It is these gifts which spark my motivation and stimulate my aesthetic thought.

I believe that all the images, colors, dots, and lines, as well as the surfaces and brushstrokes in a painting, should follow the painting's theme. People are inspired by changing scenes in their lives. And each scene prompts a different theme. The value of an artwork depends on its mood, its beautiful images and a mind nourishing unity.

If my art can make people feel the beauty and peace in nature, if it can inspire cultural harmony, if it can console impetuous minds, then this is the type of painting I wish to bring to life.

Ning Zhao 趙 寧